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  • Disposable folding paper cup holder with handle for hot cold drinks
    • September 29. 2022

    Our Kraft paper drink carriers are the perfect size to hold four cups up to 20 oz each. They are fantastic for holding all your beverage needs like Smoothies, coffee, ice cream, juices, milkshakes, soups, and razzle’s. Eco-friendly Material: This folding paper cup holder are made of quality kraft board. Safe, BPA free and non-toxic. Sturdy, waterproof and not easily break. More environmentally fri...

  • LOKYO Hot Selling One Piece Pizza Box
    • September 08. 2022

    Paper boxes can be divided into folding boxes, cardboard boxes and flexible packaging boxes. What are the common structural types of folding boxes? 1.Windowed carton: there are three forms: partial windowing, transparent lid and multi-sided transparency. The windowed part can display the goods, which is convenient for consumers to buy;Mostly used for takeout lunch boxes and cake boxes. 2.Special s...

  • PP Coffee Disposable Cups with Strawless Cup Lid
    • August 19. 2022

    Since the prohibition of plastic, Starbucks announced a few years ago that all Starbucks in the United States and Canada will replace straw with direct drinking cup caps and gradually cover all stores. The design logic of this lid is that one end is streamlined and cocked up, which is convenient for people to drink directly to their mouths.Direct drinking cup cover can only directly drink pure tea...

  • Biodegradable PLA straws disposable bubble tea beverage straw
    • July 19. 2022

    While straws have brought convenience to our lives, more and more plastic straws and similar products have become a burden to the environment. Under the heavy pressure of environmental protection and plastic limit, conventional straws are challenged and eliminated. It is urgent to replace them with environmental protection straws. The PLA degradable straws of green environmental protection should ...

  • Hot sale pulp ice cream cup
    • July 15. 2022

    LOKYO new eco friendly pulp ice cream cups are popular for dessert ice cream shops. Many customers are very satisfied with our products and are very popular. Frozen yogurt dessert cups are food grade strengthened paper making them a great fit for ice cream, frozen yogurt, parfaits, snacks.Those lovely paper cups are ideal for holding ice cream sundaes and frozen yogurt, cocktails, salads and even ...

  • Donut paper boxes custom printed folding one piece macarons cookie packaging box
    • July 07. 2022

    These pretty bakery boxes are perfect for keeping all your delicious baked goods safe while on the go. Custom size and logo bakery boxes are a great for storing freshly baked donuts, mini cakes, pies, cupcakes, muffins, cookies, chocolate covered fruit, bagels and keeping them away from the mess and from getting dirty. These boxes are made of durable, high-quality SBS paperboard which ensures the ...

  • Eco-friendly and fun ice cream pulp cups
    • June 17. 2022

    Have you ever seen an environmentally friendly, do-it-yourself ice cream paper cup with your own unique design? If you don't already know, if you don't already know, let me show you this treasure ice cream pulp cup! The raw material of this ice cream cup is sugarcane fiber pulp. The food grade natural raw material is safe, non-toxic and can directly contact with food. After use, the ice cream cup ...

  • Can I put the paper cup in the microwave oven?
    • June 10. 2022

    Disposable paper cups are generally not recommended to be heated in the microwave oven, because some disposable cups use polyethylene coating instead of PE coating, which will produce harmful ingredients when heated. Moreover, the paper cup is not resistant to high temperature. If the paper cup milk tea is directly put into the microwave oven for heating, the paper cup is flammable, and the milk t...

  • Free hands drink packaging accessories
    • June 02. 2022

    Do you have trouble holding a drink to go because the coffee is too hot or the juice is too cold? Is it inconvenient to carry more than two drinks?Don't worry, Lokyo will introduce you to takeout disposable cup holders, cup holders, so that you can easily take out multiple drinks without fear of hot cold drinks. The first is to take away cup sleeve, degradable disposable kraft paper cup sleeve, 10...

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