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  • Practical Kraft Paper
    • January 07. 2022

    Kraft paper can be divided into single-sided light kraft paper and double-sided light kraft paper according to smoothness, and there is also a kind of striped kraft paper. Its characteristic is that it can bear large tension and pressure without rupture. The main quality requirements are flexibility, firmness and strong compression, breaking and folding resistance. Kraft paper is widely used in pa...

  • Let Me Show You the Coffee Cups
    • December 23. 2021

    Since the popularity of coffee drinking in China, many fast-moving consumer goods such as coffee paper cups have appeared on many coffee takeout platforms, including a popular paper cup in the market, that is, coffee paper cup, which uses a high-grade paper cup to hold coffee. When drinking coffee, everyone usually goes to the coffee shop and pays attention to coffee instead of the cup holding cof...

  • How to Choose Takeout Food Packaging
    • December 13. 2021

    For catering takeaway businesses, takeaway packaging will directly affect the quality of dishes and dining experience. The quality of the packaging can prevent the accidents of takeaway orders from happening to a certain extent and cause the dishes to pour. As good disposable takeout food containers,it needs to meet the basic packaging needs.For example, the lunch box is not easy to deform, with g...

  • LOKYO New Bakery Box
    • December 03. 2021

    With the advancement of modern social life, cake has gradually become the favorite food of most people. With its sweet and soft taste and appearance of different shapes, cake has not only become people's favorite food, but also become one of people's choices for gifts and festivals. Because of this, custom printed cake baking packaging is becoming more and more important, especially the cake box. ...

  • The Design Process of Coffee Cup Lids Cover
    • November 26. 2021

    The coffee cup cover disposable plastic cup lids are used to cover your coffee cup with a click. There is a drinking port and a snap that can be closed and opened. At the same time, there are various creative shapes on the cup cover. The coffee cup cover has its own vocabulary. Society is becoming more and more dynamic and everything is moving. On the bright side, it's convenient. You can drink co...

  • the Popular Milk Tea Cup
    • November 12. 2021

    With the acceleration of the pace of life, fast food restaurants came into being. As a leader in the beverage industry, milk tea is also very popular because it is easy to make and carry. The convenience of making milk tea enables consumers to get drinks without waiting too long. The convenience of carrying also enables consumers to drink on the road, saving them a lot of time. Plastic Bubble Tea ...

  • Custom Design Christmas Box
    • October 28. 2021

    Many restaurants have begun to prepare customized Christmas boxes. Customizing Christmas gift boxes during the holidays can also bring many advantages to the brand. No matter what industry you are in, customers will always be pleasantly surprised when they receive gift boxes with Christmas designs. Using Christmas boxes to market your brand and products is also a relatively simple way. Nevertheles...

  • Application of Kraft Paper in Food Packaging
    • October 22. 2021

    For the fast food industry, fast food packaging is a consumable with large demand. Therefore, it has high requirements, which not only needs to be easy to degrade, recyclable and reusable, but also needs to have a lower cost. The Kraft carton can undoubtedly meet this point. Kraft paper packaging is favored by the food and fast food industry because of its health, safety and recyclability. More an...

  • Why does kraft paper become a new favorite?
    • October 12. 2021

    With the development of environmental awareness and cutting-edge fashion, the packaging style is quietly changing. Kraft paper has become a new favorite in the packaging industry because of its recyclability and low cost. kraft paper food containers As a kind of packaging material, kraft paper has high strength and is usually yellowish brown. Its biggest advantage is that it has low production cos...

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