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  • Eco-friendly and fun ice cream pulp cups
    • June 17. 2022

    Have you ever seen an environmentally friendly, do-it-yourself ice cream paper cup with your own unique design? If you don't already know, if you don't already know, let me show you this treasure ice cream pulp cup! The raw material of this ice cream cup is sugarcane fiber pulp. The food grade natural raw material is safe, non-toxic and can directly contact with food. After use, the ice cream cup ...

  • Can I put the paper cup in the microwave oven?
    • June 10. 2022

    Disposable paper cups are generally not recommended to be heated in the microwave oven, because some disposable cups use polyethylene coating instead of PE coating, which will produce harmful ingredients when heated. Moreover, the paper cup is not resistant to high temperature. If the paper cup milk tea is directly put into the microwave oven for heating, the paper cup is flammable, and the milk t...

  • Free hands drink packaging accessories
    • June 02. 2022

    Do you have trouble holding a drink to go because the coffee is too hot or the juice is too cold? Is it inconvenient to carry more than two drinks?Don't worry, Lokyo will introduce you to takeout disposable cup holders, cup holders, so that you can easily take out multiple drinks without fear of hot cold drinks. The first is to take away cup sleeve, degradable disposable kraft paper cup sleeve, 10...

  • Food grade beverage packaging bag with spout
    • May 20. 2022

    The stand up spout pouch is a convenient and cheap way to store and pack drinks.Food grade material is safe to use without burden, suction nozzle size can also be changed according to different needs, in addition to fruit juice, coffee, fruit wine, milk tea and other conventional liquid drinks, can also be packed with jelly, honey, jam and other products.Food grade spout pouch packaging ...

  • Custom Wire Crimped Toast Bag
    • May 13. 2022

    LOKYO not only provide customized packaging materials for beverage restaurants and fast food restaurants, but also have products in bakeries. We can provide one-stop customized services for doughnut boxes, bread boxes, toast bags and other products.Let's introduce one of our best-selling products, paper toast bread bag with window. transparent bakery paper bags for bread This bag can not only hold...

  • Convenient takeaway kraft paper bag for food
    • May 05. 2022

    Kraft paper takeaway bag with its environmental protection, cheap, durable, beautiful and other characteristics are widely used in clothing, food, gifts, stationery, cosmetics and other industries of product packaging. Lokyo also plays an important role in food packaging, milk tea shops, fast food restaurants, bakery, coffee shops everywhere brown paper tote bag figure.Let's take a look at its fea...

  • Popular Perfect Packaging for Coffee Shops
    • April 29. 2022

    Keep your coffee and hot drinks with you. When assembled, the attached aluminum foil beverage inflatable bag can be perfectly loaded into the container.This coffee container can be assembled in a few seconds. It adopts a convenient integral design and is simple to use. These cardboard hot beverage dispensers are equipped with aluminum foil insulated internal bags to make it easy for customers to e...

  • Are there any disposable cold drink cups you'd be interested in?
    • April 22. 2022

    The hot summer is just around the corner, and a variety of cold drinks are also coming to the scene, bringing us a cool and comfortable feeling to dispel the heat. And a variety of cold drink cups also add color to the drink.There are many styles and forms of common cold drink cups. Let's take a look at the custom disposable plastic cups with lids.           &nbs...

  • Cool Fashion Beverage Bubble Tea Cup Packaging
    • April 15. 2022

    Recently, a dark style has been popular in milk tea shops, including black cups, black paper cup covers, black cup covers, black straws and black bags. The take away beverage packagings are very fashionable and cool. The black PP plastic bubble tea cup is a film sticking design.Film in film sticking is a new technology to place film film in the injection mold to decorate the plastic appearance sur...

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