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  • Biodegradable Sugarcane Pulp Food Containers
    • July 14. 2021
    Biodegradable Sugarcane Pulp Food Containers

    In terms of environmental benefits, the best biodegradable material will break down quickly rather than taking years.In everyday life, people have begun to care the use of biodegradable products.Therefore, the environmental protection biodegradable food containers are very popular. If you're running a milk tea shop, a restaurant, or a tak...

  • Biodegradable Paper Drinking Straws
    • August 04. 2021

    According to different pulp raw materials and subsequent processes, color paper straw and natural colored paper straw are common types of paper straw. Colored paper straws are mainly made by spraying ink on the surface of white paper straw, including single color, mixed color and various patterns. It is characterized by bright and beautiful appearance, and can also stimulate people's appetite to a...

  • Environmentally Friendly PLA Straws
    • August 06. 2021

    Biodegradable plastic straws also called PLA.The raw materials of these straws are made of plant starch and oil. Because these Bubble Tea Straws are made of plants, most straws will decompose naturally. Eco friendly Straw is a good way to protect the environment and teeth at the same time. Using thousands of straw every day and replacing it with raw non degradable straw can greatly reduce the amou...

  • Cornstarch Tableware Environmentally Friendly
    • August 09. 2021

    Disposable corn starch tableware is biodegradable products, which takes corn starch as the main raw material and is processed by high-tech production technology. LOKYO provide different disposalbe tableware to choose,such as cornstarch bento bowl,eco friendly cornstarch lunch box.It can be degraded by itself under natural conditions, avoiding environmental pollution and saving oil and other non re...

  • Take Away Kraft Paper Food Containers
    • August 18. 2021

    With the increasing number of takeout, takeout boxes have been upgraded. From simple foam packaging, plastic packaging to paper packaging and environmental friendly lunch boxes, businesses are increasingly choosing more and more guests.Inside,paper carry out box and round kraft paper salad container are popular. Ecological Food Packaging LOKYO popular craft paper container vegetable and fruit sala...

  • Plastic Cups, Lids, and Straws for Bubble Tea Shop
    • September 09. 2021

    LOKYO is a professional supplier for global chainly bubble tea packages. If you're running a coffee, tea, or dessert shop specializing in take-out and to-go purchases, clear plastic bubble tea cups are a great cup option.There are two plastic cup types: PP (Polypropylene) and PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). The more cost-effective and commonly used option are PP plastic cups.Though PET is a bit ...

  • How to Choose Takeout Food Packaging
    • December 13. 2021

    For catering takeaway businesses, takeaway packaging will directly affect the quality of dishes and dining experience. The quality of the packaging can prevent the accidents of takeaway orders from happening to a certain extent and cause the dishes to pour. As good disposable takeout food containers,it needs to meet the basic packaging needs.For example, the lunch box is not easy to deform, with g...

  • Color Change Reusable Cup
    • March 25. 2022

    Special Color Change Plastic Cup, it will change color when it is cold water or ice water.This cup suitable for use in hot summer days.Colorful colors are available.Recyclable plastic cups, also presented with straws,Perfect for cold drinks, environmentally friendly and healthy.A group of 5 cups to share cool cups with family or friends. Biodegradable PP reusable cup Color changing cup is also cal...

  • Cool Fashion Beverage Bubble Tea Cup Packaging
    • April 15. 2022

    Recently, a dark style has been popular in milk tea shops, including black cups, black paper cup covers, black cup covers, black straws and black bags. The take away beverage packagings are very fashionable and cool. The black PP plastic bubble tea cup is a film sticking design.Film in film sticking is a new technology to place film film in the injection mold to decorate the plastic appearance sur...

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