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  • Biodegradable Sugarcane Pulp Food Containers
    • July 14. 2021
    Biodegradable Sugarcane Pulp Food Containers

    In terms of environmental benefits, the best biodegradable material will break down quickly rather than taking years.In everyday life, people have begun to care the use of biodegradable products.Therefore, the environmental protection biodegradable food containers are very popular. If you're running a milk tea shop, a restaurant, or a tak...

  • Cornstarch Tableware Environmentally Friendly
    • August 09. 2021

    Disposable corn starch tableware is biodegradable products, which takes corn starch as the main raw material and is processed by high-tech production technology. LOKYO provide different disposalbe tableware to choose,such as cornstarch bento bowl,eco friendly cornstarch lunch box.It can be degraded by itself under natural conditions, avoiding environmental pollution and saving oil and other non re...

  • Take Away Kraft Paper Food Containers
    • August 18. 2021

    With the increasing number of takeout, takeout boxes have been upgraded. From simple foam packaging, plastic packaging to paper packaging and environmental friendly lunch boxes, businesses are increasingly choosing more and more guests.Inside,paper carry out box and round kraft paper salad container are popular. Ecological Food Packaging LOKYO popular craft paper container vegetable and fruit sala...

  • Paper Bag is a Good Choose
    • September 02. 2021

    In the past,many people often complained paper bags easily got torn when they put with heavy packages. However, as time passed by, these bags are now made better.n some cases, they are more durable as compared to some plastic bags. They can withstand much more hurt and pressure. The reason why these companies spend so much time and effort in making shopping bags is because if they look attractive,...

  • Kraft Paper Takeout Packaging
    • September 16. 2021

    LOKYO is a leading provider of eco-friendly disposable restaurant supplies. Our Kraft takeout containers are designed to keep your food safe while helping you present your food in the best way. We have take away food containers of all shapes sizes so that you can find one that is right for any type of food. Our takeout food packaging include bubble tea cup,paper cups,kraft paper salad box,paper so...

  • the Advantages of Kraft Paper in Packaging Application?
    • September 26. 2021

    With the passage of time, countries have strengthened environmental protection education, and the concept of environmental protection has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. People have higher and higher requirements for environmental protection of packaging, and the style of packaging is quietly changing. The application of kraft packaging paper is conducive to the promotion of social...

  • Why does kraft paper become a new favorite?
    • October 12. 2021

    With the development of environmental awareness and cutting-edge fashion, the packaging style is quietly changing. Kraft paper has become a new favorite in the packaging industry because of its recyclability and low cost. kraft paper food containers As a kind of packaging material, kraft paper has high strength and is usually yellowish brown. Its biggest advantage is that it has low production cos...

  • Application of Kraft Paper in Food Packaging
    • October 22. 2021

    For the fast food industry, fast food packaging is a consumable with large demand. Therefore, it has high requirements, which not only needs to be easy to degrade, recyclable and reusable, but also needs to have a lower cost. The Kraft carton can undoubtedly meet this point. Kraft paper packaging is favored by the food and fast food industry because of its health, safety and recyclability. More an...

  • Custom Design Christmas Box
    • October 28. 2021

    Many restaurants have begun to prepare customized Christmas boxes. Customizing Christmas gift boxes during the holidays can also bring many advantages to the brand. No matter what industry you are in, customers will always be pleasantly surprised when they receive gift boxes with Christmas designs. Using Christmas boxes to market your brand and products is also a relatively simple way. Nevertheles...

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