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LOKYO New Products,Biodegradable and Reusable

  • September 03, 2021

With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, people are more inclined to environmentally friendly packaging products.For example, cups, at the beginning, most businesses will choose disposable plastic cups, then paper cups, PP cups, PLA paper cups, and now popular reusable cups.

Straw also has various materials. Since the prohibition of plastic, paper straw,PLA straw,bamboo fiber straw and other environmentally friendly materials have replaced it.

Following the change of trend, LOKYO also manufactured custom printed reusable coffee cups,double wall reusable plastic drinking cups snad bamboo fiber straws.

Custom Printed Reusable Coffee Cup

Reusable PP coffee cup

These coffee cups are reusable and made of 100% recyclable friendly PP material,accept to custom printed the brand artwork on it.Eco green friendly and fashionable.

Double Wall Reusable Plastic Cups

Double wall plastic cup with lid and straw

Wholesale Bamboo Fiber Straw

Bamboo Fiber Straw

LOKYO wholesale eco friendly biodegradable bamboo fiber disposable straw for bubble tea cups.The high quality compostable material make our straws suitable for hot and cold drinks.

If you interisted in our products,please contact us to get coupons.

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