Public Welfare Activities | Leukemia children care activities


On the morning of June 21, Carmen, General Manager of Guangzhou LOKYO, went to Yuexiu District with some foreign trade sales and administrative specialists to participate in the activity of “Guangzhou Small Home Charity” on the eve of the Dragon Boat Festival and made zongzi with the children.

It is understood that since 2014, the “Guangzhou Small Home” project initiated by the Guangzhou Small Home Public Welfare Service Center has provided a residential environment, basic living facilities, psychological support, and other public welfare services for 1578 children and parents of 587 families with children in distress from other places.

Over the years, Guangzhou lokyo has been consciously fulfilling its social responsibility, doing public welfare on the ground, and being a socially responsible and caring enterprise while developing continuously. We will continue to take responsibility, remember the warmth of the original heart, firm public welfare footsteps, and help disadvantaged groups to see farther, walk better, and contribute to society.

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