LOKYO 2023 Annual Summary & 2024 New Year Gala


On February 26, 2024, LOKYO successfully held a New Year’s Eve party at Huaxi XiaoLu, Conghua District, Guangzhou.

LOKYO’s 2023 Annual Summary

The meeting started with an opening speech by Carmen, the general manager of LOKYO. 2023, we have made a lot of achievements with the spirit of going all out and breaking through. 2024, we will make a concerted effort and go all out to promote the high-quality development of LOKYO and step up to a new level to realize the great dream of 2024.

2023 Recognition Ceremony

In five years, a seed can grow into a big tree. Members who have joined LOKYO for five years are even more determined, and we see the power of time in them.

Standing on the podium, the outstanding members of the year for 2023 delivered a satisfactory answer, the honor is behind the countless days and nights of hard work!

2024 New Year’s Eve Gala

Each department’s program was a mix of songs, dances, and other program genres, ranging from rewritten songs to interpretive sports performance programs to creative dances.

On the last day of the New Year’s Gala, we kicked off the month-long LOKYO March Expo; this March Expo includes exclusive coupons and exciting physical electronics giveaways.

Last but not least, I wish LOKYO members a prosperous Year of the Dragon!
恭贺新禧,祝吉祥如意! (Gōnghè xīnxǐ, zhù jíxiáng rúyì!)

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