LOKYO New Christmas Design Package


Christmas is coming, are you ready to change the package for your milk tea shop?

Christmas design paper cups

Different packaging designs should be used for different types of milk tea products. For example, some fruit tea and milk cap products should be packaged with transparent packaging. The ingredients of these products are more beautiful, and the transparent packaging is more visible, which can highlight the characteristics of the product. Excessive design will make the product colorful, or even vulgar without characteristics. Therefore, there is no need to gild the lily for products with their own characteristics. The simpler the products are, the more attractive they will be to consumers.

Christmas design paper cup sleeve

Milk tea products have simple packaging and delicate packaging, because some consumers do not buy milk tea for the sake of a pack of appetites, but want to stay in the milk tea shop and take a photo. For those products that are not attractive enough to match, they should pay more attention to their packaging, which is simply to learn from each other. On the premise of retaining the store culture, different elements can be added to the design of the package. After all, most girls drink milk tea now, and the visual effect is sufficient to attract their attention.

Christmas design paper bags

The products need to be updated frequently, and the packaging must be different. Because consumers will get tired of drinking those kinds of milk tea from time to time, it is inevitable that the packaging will suffer from visual fatigue. Therefore, for the packaging of milk tea, the design must be diversified to avoid being too single. It is important to know that not every consumer will love a milk tea shop because of the taste of the product, and the product packaging also has a certain impact, The product packaging should be kept different, and consumers can often feel fresh, which is more attractive to consumers.

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