LOKYO Receives Heartwarming Thanks Gifts from Leukemia Children


In a steadfast commitment to social responsibility, LOKYO has consistently dedicated its efforts to the well-being of the community. For years, the company has actively participated in the care program for leukemia-afflicted children, an initiative spearheaded by the Guangzhou Small Home Charity Public Welfare Service Center.

LOKYO recently received a series of thank-you gifts, including beautiful hand-drawn drawings and heartfelt thank-you notes from the sick children of the Guangzhou Small Home Charity.

These tokens of appreciation serve as a testament to the positive impact that LOKYO involvement has had on the lives of these children. The handcrafted drawings, adorned with vibrant colors and sincere messages, reflect the resilience and spirit of the Children individuals facing the challenges of leukemia.
In expressing their gratitude, the children conveyed their appreciation for the support and care provided by LOKYO.

In the future, LOKYO will continue to be committed to social welfare.

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