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  • Types And Differences Of Disposable Fast Food Container
    Types And Differences Of Disposable Fast Food Container
    • January 06, 2023

    With the development of economic life and people's increasingly rich spiritual needs, the diet has taken on a new look in recent years. We struggle with the issue of "eating" every day, shuttling between various ordering platforms, and waiting for a period of time for the takeaway to arrive without going out. Ordering food delivery has become a ubiquitous phenomenon. Do you know the type and difference of the disposable fast food box you got? According to the big data survey, the fast food boxes currently on the market are roughly divided into disposable plastic packaging boxes, disposable paper lunch boxes, and disposable degradable lunch boxes. 1. Disposable plastic lunch box Disposable plastic lunch boxes can be divided into foam plastic lunch boxes and PP plastic lunch boxes because of the difference in the addition of main ingredients. Disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes are made of polystyrene resin. After being heated and melted at high temperature in the extruder, foaming agent (butane) is added to extrude the sheet. After the sheet is rolled up, it is ventilated and humid Put it in a healthy environment and then carry out secondary heating and blister molding to make various lunch boxes. It is widely used because of its advantages of heat preservation, pressure resistance and low cost. But because of the irreversible damage to the environment, the term "white pollution" became a hot topic. The danger of disposable foam lunch boxes is that when the temperature of food stored in foam plastic lunch boxes exceeds 65 degrees, toxic substances such as bisphenol A will be released. Bisphenol A is an organic chemical raw material, which is not easily decomposed by the digestive system and can easily cause physical harm. The PP plastic lunch box is made of polypropylene. The lunch box made of it has good heat resistance and will not release toxic substances when the temperature of the food is too high. The premise is that the material used is food-grade PP material. If the PP plastic used has a strong smell, it is an inferior product and may be poisonous. The lunch box made of pp material is generally transparent, non-toxic and harmless, and it is often seen on disposable fast food boxes. 2. Disposable cardboard fast food box The raw materials of paper lunch boxes are mostly pulp or wood pulp, which need to be pressed and shaped to obtain finished products. The paper lunch box itself has no waterproof and oil-proof function. For example, the kraft cardboard soup barrels and disposable paper cups we often use need to be coated with plastic on the inner wall of the tableware to achieve the effect of no leakage. When the film encounters hot water or hot food, it will release toxic chemical substances, which reduces the use of plastics to a certain extent, but the damage to the human body has not been reduced. At the same time, most paper lunch boxes use wood pulp. When making paper, trees may be cut down and forests may be destroyed. During the de...

  • LOKYO New Christmas Design Package
    LOKYO New Christmas Design Package
    • September 29, 2022

    Christmas is coming, are you ready to change the package for your milk tea shop? Christmas design paper cups Different packaging designs should be used for different types of milk tea products. For example, some fruit tea and milk cap products should be packaged with transparent packaging. The ingredients of these products are more beautiful, and the transparent packaging is more visible, which can highlight the characteristics of the product. Excessive design will make the product colorful, or even vulgar without characteristics. Therefore, there is no need to gild the lily for products with their own characteristics. The simpler the products are, the more attractive they will be to consumers. Christmas design paper cup sleeve Milk tea products have simple packaging and delicate packaging, because some consumers do not buy milk tea for the sake of a pack of appetites, but want to stay in the milk tea shop and take a photo. For those products that are not attractive enough to match, they should pay more attention to their packaging, which is simply to learn from each other. On the premise of retaining the store culture, different elements can be added to the design of the package. After all, most girls drink milk tea now, and the visual effect is sufficient to attract their attention. Christmas design pape bags The products need to be updated frequently, and the packaging must be different. Because consumers will get tired of drinking those kinds of milk tea from time to time, it is inevitable that the packaging will suffer from visual fatigue. Therefore, for the packaging of milk tea, the design must be diversified to avoid being too single. It is important to know that not every consumer will love a milk tea shop because of the taste of the product, and the product packaging also has a certain impact, The product packaging should be kept different, and consumers can often feel fresh, which is more attractive to consumers.

  • Super September Big Discount
    Super September Big Discount
    • August 29, 2022

    Super September Big Discount It's another year's purchasing period, and businesses are preparing goods for Christmas and new year. Have your milk tea shop, Western food shop and baking shop prepared a series of packaging materials such as plastic cups, paper cups and packaging bags? LOKYO have prepared a lot of discounts for merchants, including gifts and coupons. It's very cost-effective. If you want to customize a set of exclusive food delivery packaging materials now, please contact us to customize them Here are our offers:4 coupons of different denominations, 1.Discount US$ 10 with every US$1000 order 2.Discount US$30 with every US$3000 order 3.Discount US$60 with every US$5000 order 4.Huge Discount US$150 with every US$ 10000 order There are other attractive offers,free samples and free artwork design. Free Delivery service ( For min. order 30 cartons or above & within GuongZhou area only ) Free 10000pcs Eco Paper Straws with every order of $5000 & above. All the discounts are in September. The discount time is from September 1 to September 30. Please consult us about the discount content. We will reply as soon as we receive it

  • New Fashion----Biodegradable Pulp DIY Ice Cream Cup
    New Fashion----Biodegradable Pulp DIY Ice Cream Cup
    • June 28, 2022

    LOKYO new pulp ice cream cup is made of sugarcane,white surface.This ice cream cup is made of pulp material,environmentally friendly and degradable.The cup surface has concave convex texture,good texture and antiskid. DIY Ice Cream Cup Due to the edible nature of sugarcane, sugarcane tableware has more significant external advantages than wood pulp, straw pulp, reed pulp and other raw materials in terms of materials; Because of the long fiber and strong plasticity of sugarcane, there is no need to add auxiliary agent to the finished product because of the molding problem, which fully ensures the decomposability and degradability of the product. The Biodegradable container can DIY to add fun.DIY means do it by yourself.On the white cup, you can Doodle and design at will to make the simple cup different while protecting the environment, it also meets the needs of eating, drinking and playing. If you are interested in our product and want to make it popular in your dessert shop, please contact us for a quotation.

  • World Environmental Day for biodegradable food packaging bag
    World Environmental Day for biodegradable food packaging bag
    • May 25, 2022

    World Environment Day is on June 5 every year. It reflects the understanding and attitude of people around the world to environmental problems and expresses the yearning and pursuit of human beings for a better environment. It is one of the main vehicles of the United Nations to promote global environmental awareness and raise the awareness and action of governments on environmental issues. With the development of economy, people pay more and more attention to the problem of environmental pollution. Economic development is never the reason and source of destroying ecology and environmental protection. It is only necessary to find a balance between development and environmental protection to achieve a sustainable green economy. Lokyo has also been committed to the development of sustainable environmental protection products, currently has corn starch bowl, corn starch meal box, sugar cane pulp bowl, sugar cane pulp meal box, sugar cane pulp paper cup, sugar cane pulp ice cream cup, PLA paper cup, PLA cup lid, PLA straw, kraft paper salad bowl, kraft paper cup Kraft paper bags and other degradable environmental protection takeaway food packaging.Our environmental protection product series of disposable food takeaway packaging materials are basically made of corn starch, bagasse, straw, paper pulp and other plant fibers, which are natural and environmentally friendly. After use, they can be biodegradable in a certain period of time, become organic fertilizer, reduce plastic and other white pollution, and form a green ecological link of sustainable development. One small step for the enterprise, one giant step for the earth. Lokyo has always been practicing environmentally friendly and sustainable development. We will continue to develop degradable disposable takeaway food packaging products and protect the earth family together with everyone.

  • LOKYO New Sample Exhibition Hall
    LOKYO New Sample Exhibition Hall
    • April 25, 2022

    In order to better display the company's products and improve the experience of visiting customers, our company has newly designed a new exhibition hall to facilitate customers to visit and see samples. Our exhibition hall is divided into two parts. There are three different scenes in the hall, namely hamburger shop, salad shop and Chinese restaurant. In addition, there is the display of product samples: plastic cups of various sizes, paper cups of various calibres, lunch boxes of various materials and other disposable food takeout packaging. This is the display scene of the salad shop. We provide customized service and one-stop service for takeout packaging products of the salad shop. Kraft paper lunch box, disposable knife, fork, spoon, packing bag, etc. Restore the real scene, so that customers can better choose the products that their stores need. LOKYO customize food packaging for many restaurant customers and print their logo on the product packaging. All kinds of products are complete to meet customers' one-stop shopping. Details can be seen from our customer case display page. Customers of Western fast food restaurants like to buy hamburger boxes, French fries boxes, fried chicken sets and other products, food grade materials, oil discharge, and different lunch box designs to meet customers' different needs. High quality food packaging products can highlight your store brand. LOKYO head office and exhibition hall are on the 10th floor of Guangzhou International Procurement Center, Haizhu District, Guangzhou, close to Pazhou subway station, with convenient transportation. Welcome customers to contact us to visit.

  • Celebrating the Relocation of Nanning's New Office
    Celebrating the Relocation of Nanning's New Office
    • March 25, 2022

    In March, LOKYO Nanning Branch moved into a new office. The area of the new office is larger than the original. There is also a sample room filled with customized samples for customers, which is convenient for buyers to visit. Nanning Branch has domestic sales salesmen and foreign trade salesmen, who are experienced employees. We focus on takeout food packaging and have a complete supply chain to provide customers with one-stop service. We have packaged products such as beverage stores, Western food stores, fried chicken stores and bakeries, which can be customized. The new office has a large sample room with shelves full of samples, including our main products: plastic cups, kraft paper boxes, green lunch boxes, and our new products. Click to watch the celebration video:

    • February 25, 2022

    The Lunar New Year holiday is over, and Lokyo employees have been back at work for more than half a month. In 2022, we will continue to focus on providing quality supply chain services to our partners in the catering industry.LOKYO will have a one-month promotion from March 1 to 4 to reward our customers who have always trusted and supported us.If you happen to have purchase plans, do not miss this promotion activity oh ~ In addition to hot products such as coffee paper cups, boba tea cups, food paper bags, takeout lunch boxes, salad paper bowls, fried chicken boxes and pizza boxes, there are also disposable take-away catering packaging such as cup holder, straws, cup lids, roll film and baking boxes to meet your various needs and achieve one-stop procurement. During the event, we also provide free samples and product design, 10,000 paper straws for free if the order amount is over $5000. We will also serve you 24 hours online, for more preferential information, please contact us!

  • LOKYO Annual Dinner
    LOKYO Annual Dinner
    • January 25, 2022

    Last week, our company held an annual summary meeting to thank all employees for our efforts. We first held a summary meeting, set new goals for the new year, and presented awards to excellent colleagues, and then went to the hotel for a buffet. Colleagues from different companies have dinner locally, and the Guangzhou headquarters office has dinner with their colleagues in the warehouse. In 2021, we have experienced a lot together with the company, including moving new offices, traveling to Huizhou and participating in competitions. I hope everyone will be better and better in the new 2022. At the same time, we are also very grateful to the customers who have always trusted our company, because your trust makes LOKYO develop better. LOKYO specialize in the design and production of disposable food packagings,Welcome to cooperate with us in the New Year.

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