One-stop Manufacturer

One-stop Manufacturer

Dedicated to being the most popular one-stop F&B Packaging Solution manufacturer.

Since 1997, One-stop F&B Packaging Solution.

LOKYO’S Factory

Since 1997, Providing One-stop F&B Packaging Solution. Offering a wide range of paper food packaging such as biodegradable paper cups, and wholesale bubble tea cups to meet your needs. Any food packaging your business needs can be found at LOKYO.

Featured Machinery

Raw Material Cutting Machines

LOKYO has 4 raw material cutting machines to cut raw materials into the required shapes and sizes accurately, which ensures consistent product quality, reduces waste of raw materials, and increases production.

Flexographic Printing Machine

LOKYO’s production line has two flexographic presses, which not only print high-quality images and text on paper, plastics, aluminum foil, and corrugated cardboard but also allow for faster turnaround times due to the relatively short production time of flexographic presses compared to other printing.

Offset Machine

Versatility: LOKYO can handle a wide range of paper sizes and thicknesses, offering different options for your restaurants and beverage stores.

Consistent Color Reproduction: Offset printing provides accurate color reproduction, ensuring that package designs meet brand specifications and maintain brand consistency.

Handles Specialty Processes: Offset printing is compatible with a variety of specialty finishes such as coatings, varnishes, and embossing, making LOKYO products visually appealing and a premium tactile experience.

Paper Cup Forming Machine

LOKYO’s production line has 40 paper cup molding machines that are capable of high-speed production, which allows it to produce large quantities of paper cups in a short period. Our machines are flexible in terms of cup design and customization, allowing for the production of cups of various sizes, shapes, and designs to meet specific customer needs.

Outstanding Production Capacity

Factory & Work Environment

Professional Team

Office Environment

Show Room

Factory Dust-free Workshop

Factory Workshop

Factory Workshop

What We Offer?

Since 1997, LOKYO has over 20,000 square meters of production plant, certified by FSC, and BSCI.

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After-sales Service

100% Professional Customized Design

LOKYO’s professional design team is at the forefront of creating cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients and the market.

Customer Complaint Handling Process

When encountering customer complaints, we have a complete customer complaint handling procedure and a professional team to solve these problems. We believe that all cooperation is consolidated through continuous running-in, and we are willing to make improvements and continue to improve.

LOKYO Customer Complaint Handling Process

Complete Production Records

Multiple Third-party Certifications

LOKYO has passed Sedex, BSCI, IOS9001, and FSC audits, as well as some audits from end customers ( Large retailers) as well. Highly meet customer needs, such as the annual quality management system and human rights audit required by the terminal. This makes us build a stable and long-term business with our customers.